What’s a Coach Approach to the Practice of Law?

When a lawyer applies a coach approach to the practice of law, the lawyer works collaboratively with the lawyer’s clients to assist them in transforming their legal problems into opportunities for positive change and spiritual growth. The coach-approach lawyer achieves these goals by engaging the client in profound conversations about choice and the freedom to choose the client’s own interpretations of events and the significance to the client of those events and by inviting the lawyer’s clients to place their legal problems into the context of their lives and of their goals, aspirations and dreams.

Ten Distinctions

As part of the process of providing the client with legal services, the coach-approach lawyer coaches the client to choose among ten key distinctions that will assist the client in moving forward. The coach-approach lawyer invites the client to distinguish: Ten Distinctions

Eight Possibilities

The coach-approach lawyer invites the client to consider the possibility that: Read more…